29 October 2009

school with elle: day27


i've found that elle sometimes forms her letters in a haphazard fashion, adding on bits here and there till the resulting figure meets her satisfaction. we did a few more pages of her handwriting book to make letter formation a bit more expeditious.

[it boggles my mind, but she loves this exercise.]

28 October 2009

school with elle: day26

one of our activities on this day involved constructing a cardboard guitar:

...so that elle could rock it out.

26 October 2009

08 October 2009

school with elle: day23


one of the day's activities was baking banana muffins. usually we mix the chocolate chips into the batter, but on this day we divided them evenly over the tops, counting out how many should go on each muffin to give them all an even amount of chips. a very tasty lesson in early division concepts.