17 September 2009

day11: five senses walk.

thursday we took another mini field trip, this one with the objective of utilizing our five senses.

we began by reading FIVE FOR A LITTLE ONE (chris raschka) to identify our five senses and discuss how we use each sense.

next, i told elle we'd be heading outside to use four of the five senses: smell, hearing, sight, touch. we'd save taste for indoors, since we need to be discriminating about what we put in our mouths.

we drew a line to divide a piece of white paper into four sections, and we attached the paper to a clipboard. i labeled each section with a word representing one of the senses.

we trekked out into a dazzling september morning and smelled acorns, air, and clusters of tiny purple flowers:

we heard crickets, the wind, and the buzz of a plane overhead:

we saw birds, an ant carrying another ant, and a lone green leaf:

and we touched a berry, grass, and the bark of an oak tree:

elle drew each item in the corresponding portion of her paper, and i recorded her verbal observations about the item.

we headed back indoors and tasted cocoa powder, salt, and brown sugar.

after recording those observations as well on the back of her paper, we transferred the information from our clip board to a small book.

elle's completed book read as follows:

(cover) 5 senses

1 smell
They smelled like sweet candy and soap.

The acorn smelled like salt and flowers.

The air smelled like fresh wind, grass, and bark.

2. hear
The wind sounded like leaves breaking in half.

The plane sounded loud like a bee buzzing.

The crickets sounded like little birds.

3. see
The birds looked black and white. Their wings were spread open.

The leaf was green and pointy like a triangle.

We saw an ant carrying another ant. They were reddish brown.

4. touch
The grass felt like pieces of hay. It was soft and a little bit wet.

The bark felt like big curving hills with nails on them.

The berry felt like a blanket.

5. taste
The salt tasted like the ocean at the beach.

cocoa powder
The cocoa tasted like chocolate and salt.

brown sugar
The brown sugar tasted sweet like cookies and cinnamon.


  1. Love this activity! Will be using this with my little pumpkin!

  2. We just did the exact same activity a few weeks ago as we did our unit on senses- with clipboard and all!! Love the way you are making learning a part of real life!

  3. Ooops- just so you know, Puanani is Tisha. Not sure how Puanani got assigned to be my identifying name.