01 September 2009

school with elle: day2.


calendar: date (yesterday's date, today's, tomorrow's), days of the week, counting the number of days in the month thus far (elle found it hilarious to count to 1).

chalkboard: together we wrote the sentence: Today is Tuesday, September 1, 2009. we discussed capital letters, commas, and periods. we observed/recorded the weather.

snack: peanut butter toast (straight from the toaster, melty and warm).

journal: elle wrote her name and the date, drew a picture, and dictated descriptive sentences to me. (today's masterpiece? a garden.)

alphabet soup
: we trekked outdoors to play this chalk game, adapted from inchmark's idea. in brooke's version, the mum or daddy calls out letters and the children find them; in our version i called out words and elle spelled them, hopping on each letter as she did so. we started with words she knew: her name, dad, stop, mom, then tried her brother's name, which she didn't yet have memorized but could easily sound out.

all in all, a happy way to spend one's morning.

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