04 September 2009

day4: a finding walk.

thursday, elle and i took a field trip of sorts, right down our very own street. when i slow down enough to take notice, i find that wonder blooms with extravagance in the cracks and seams of my ordinary world.

a few steps from our front door, we happened upon an industrious bumblebee.


elle plucked an acorn from the dozens that line our driveway and crunch and roll beneath our sneakers.


a silvered leaf.

silver leaf

we brought along our field journals, and sat down at intervals to sketch our findings.

elle's field journal

(this beautifully crafted journal came from my dear friend gina, and also holds bits of my favorite quotes and wonderings.)

moss colored field journal

field journal

a leaf from a ginkgo tree (rare in the midwest, and yet our end-of-the-street neighbor has one in his yard).


a heart-shaped red bud leaf.

red bud leaf.

there's something preternatural about the way the fur of a seed head snares the light.

pretty grass.

our trove of treasures, arranged just so.

our bounty.


“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” [roald dahl]


  1. The small one and I love finding things to look at and learn about on our walks too! The other day we spent a great deal of time discussing ant hills on the sidewalk. You make such a fun teacher!

  2. Beautiful my friend. I'm homeschooling my five year old this year, "for real". We played school for a couple years, and this year we've added montessori math, phonics, and a unit study based on "real" books. We are in heaven. I think I enjoy it just as much or more than she does. Although, I have no idea how to care for two other children under the age of three, keep my husband's love tank full and the kitchen sink empty, not to mention "Mt. Always-More" (laundry)...then there's the matters of necessities such as grocery shopping and personal hygiene that need tending to when all I want to do is read and do school. I'm hoping we get it leveled out soon. Because living in Ancient China for the last week has been great...but I'm starting to get dirty looks concerning no clean undies in the house. :) Can't wait to see more from you and Elle.