10 September 2009

school with elle: day7.


calendar: the usual

chalkboard: ditto

snack: yogurt and oranges

journal: today her dictated entry read I drawed a super doggy and his name is Barks. He has to save a princess named Maria and he hears something and he says, "Oh boy! That's a big, bad dragon!" He has laser eyes.

finger puppets: elle drew/colored a girl, duck, reindeer, dog, and alien. she was mighty pleased with these little friends, and performed several puppet shows for me.

COUNTING CROCODILES: this tale of a clever monkey is told in rhyming text and stunning illos. if your child happens to be working on one-to-one correspondence, this book could be a useful practice tool.

memory: LIFE ON EARTH matching game by eeBoo.

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