09 September 2009

school with elle: day6.


calendar: date, counting the days in the month
chalkboard: we wrote Today is Wednesday, September 9, 2009. (we talked about when to use uppercase letters, and discussed the purpose of spaces between words. we practiced using two fingers to help space our words apart when writing.) we read our sentence together, reviewed the days of the week, and observed/recorded the weather.
snack: graham crackers, apples, peanut butter.
journal: name, date, picture, dictation.
THE COMPLETE ZOO ADVENTURE: (this is a faith-based resource with information on animals, culminating with a trip to your local zoo. be aware that the text portrays a strong bent toward biblical creationism.) we learned that flamingos get their pink hue from their diet.
apple subtraction: elle picks a worm (bearing a subtraction problem) and solves the problem by placing apples on the pie, removing the designated number of apples, and counting those remaining to derive an answer. (i admit that this is not my favorite approach to math concepts, but i have a bunch of these games from my kindergarten ed classes, and elle loves them and can do them independently, so every once and a while we pull one out.)
elle reads: QUIET LOUD by leslie patricelli. mostly, elle has the text memorized, but she does self-correct using beginning consonants.
i read (not pictured): PRAIRIE DOG AT HOME ON THE RANGE, a small leap frog nature book imparting factual tidbits on baby prairie dogs in a narrative style. informative, easy to listen to, and fascinating to elle.
resist painting: we briefly discussed how oil resists water, and what the word resist means. elle drew a picture with oil pastels, then painted over it with watercolors.


  1. Love the resist painting, the potato experiment and the journaling...you have such a fun, eclectic approach! loving following you girls ;)

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