24 September 2009

day15: garden field trip.

elle and i spent a drizzly morning at a local children's garden.

we delighted in pale green strawberries

new tomatoes and papery bark

white flowers in a moon garden

miniature train tracks, bright leaves

a pizza garden (bell peppers, tomatoes, oregano, onions, basil) and an alphabet garden (L had lambs ear, D daisies, B black eyed susans), plus a critter garden, a sun garden, and a rock garden (not pictured)

a cherub with a penchant for books

and a smallish enchanted woods.

elle's favorite bit was the sleeping grass (which i had only ever seen in hawaii prior to this trip); when one strokes the fanned leaflets they curl and close to protect themselves. we spent quite a while at this raised bed, and even had to drop by for a second visit on the way out.

"goodbye, sleeping grass," she said when i coaxed her into leaving. "i mean, goodnight!"

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